Entry: Wrapping things up Friday, October 20, 2006

I sit here and look around my, mostly packed, room and realize that this is the last night I will spend in this room, my room, in Jerusalem. Actually, it isn't even night anymore, it's more like 2am. Last night I said goodbye to two people I've known since my very first days here in the Land. It was a fun time of acting like the night was just like any other night we might have hung out together. Only after they left did it really hit me what I'm leaving behind here.

Tonight was filled with goodbyes to a variety of people I've met over the last several years. We went out to a couple of places in town and then took a mid-night stroll down to the Old City and to the Western Wall. It was a beautiful evening filled with what I'm sure will become lovely memories of fun times with friends here in Jerusalem.

In 25 hours the van to the airport will arrive. I know I have to go and I know it's the right timing. It just doesn't make it any easier.


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