Entry: Let it rain Monday, September 25, 2006

I am rarely a person that feels a need to go to a certain place or location in order to pray or feel closer to God. Tonight, however, I discovered this strong need for such an experience. The opportunity to join a friend at the Kotel, Western Wall, here in J'lem presented itself and I found myself rushing out at 9 in the evening to make my way to the bus stop that would get me near the Old City in order to wind down the narrow passages through the Christian, Armenian and Jewish quarters. Then past security and all the Muslims out partying because it's the month of Ramadan in which they fast all day and feast all night. Once near the Wall I encountered the myriads of Jews out praying because it's also the Days of Awe between the New Year, Rosh HaShana, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonment, which means it's the time for some serious repentence and getting your life straight before God's judgement is passed on the year.

There is something special about having the center of the religous world in your own backyard. To sit before stones that were in place when Jesus walked these streets, to know that the Temple once and will again stand in the very mountain on which you sit. To pray where so many have called out to God and where God calls out to the people. It's so easy to lose that sense of awe when you live here. Wish I could say I had a special visitation tonight and now know that every problem in my life and every question I have is solved but I can't say that. I do know however that no matter what, He is still with me and will still love me despite my continual screw ups and lack of faith and I find that this is enough.

The journey home brought with it the season's first rain here in the Holy City. Rain is many times a symbol of God's blessing and mercy and begining of times of refreshing and cleansing. May it be that once again.


October 2, 2006   09:51 AM PDT
I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and impressions on your blog this time especially. Thanks for posting!

I don't know if I already told you or not, but my family observes the traditional biblical Hebrew feasts to the best of our ability, and it is very cool to hear your take on the subject. We will be observing the Day of Atonement tomorrow night at my parents' house, so I am looking forward to that. There are many details I have yet to be familiar with, but these feasts, holidays, and rememberances have meant quite a lot as I have learned their significances.

Thanks again for writing your experiences down for for the rest of us to share with you! Have a great day today, and may God grant you an even better tomorrow!


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