Entry: Mountain of El Sunday, September 03, 2006

Har El
I did have the opportunity to go on a short camping trip. 12 of us went to a site outside Jerusalem near Beit Shemesh called Har El. It was a really nice time. A short break to clear the head and just do something different usually helps me get refocused.

Half of the group biked to the site from the city and half of us drove. I was able to do a lot of the planning and set up which is something I greatly enjoy. We were near Beit Shemesh at a beautiful lookout point over the surrounding valleys. We could see the vineyards below us laden with grapes ready for next week's harvest. This year's wine is expected to be of especially good quality. The weather was beautiful so we built a fire, cooked chicken, and the great rice dish in something the South Africans called a "poykey pot" (I'm SURE I didn't spell that right but it's basically a cast iron pot that you set in the fire). Later we enjoyed the multitudes of starts that were out as well as some good conversation and music.


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September 4, 2006   07:00 PM PDT
It sounds like a really relaxing time.

Oh, and we call them dutch ovens out here in CA.

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