Entry: What would you do? Monday, August 28, 2006

What would you do if you had a big bully in your neighborhood who hates you for no reason other than the fact he can't bear seeing you alive, sends his buddy to vandalize your house and property, and hurt your family, so you hit back at the bully's pal. Your other neighbors tell you, "OK, we sort of understand why you're hitting back at the buddy, but don't hurt him too much because it's not fair to hit back harder than he hit you" and all the while, the big bully keeps his distance but keeps threatening, "Just wait, I'm going to wipe you out and when I'm finished with you, I'll get your neighbors as well?" and all the other neighbors have to say, "Oh, that's not nice."

What if your name was Israel and the bully was named Iran and the bully's pal was named Hizbullah and your neighbors lived in a neighborhood called the UN?

What would you do?

(got this in an email today - have no idea who wrote it, but LOVE it!)


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