Entry: Last course Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's come to it at last. I'm in the midst of the last course I will take here.
The outcome of that course ...well I won't think about that today.
Still working on staying in the present. Doing today's work and letting the rest stay in the future.

My trip home was highly odd yet great in it's own way. The jet lag upon my return to J'lem hit me with a vengence though. Perhaps I'm finally recovering from it though. Then again the heat here hasn't helped either. We're in the midst of those few weeks in which I really which we had air conditioning and I've very thankful that the libraries and university does. Hoping that thought will keep me in the library this week!

The other main story here is of course the war, or now cease fire which no one is happy about. Don't get me wrong we're all glad that there's no fighting (or very little) at the moment. However, the conditions for the cease fire and the fact that nothing seems to have been accomplished by it all is very frustrating. They still have the Israeli soldiers! Anyway, it's all craziness.

Life in Israel...it's never boring.


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Just catching up with your blog, and I just had to comment that you sooo reminded me of Scarlett from "Gone with the Wind" when I read: "...well I won't think about that today." I believe in her final statment of the movie, (after Rhett dumped her) that she said something about tomorrow being another day and not thinking about things till tomorrow...Joy, Your not from the South, are ya?

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